Perfect gift to give to your favorite cook!



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This is an adorable apron upcycled from a square dance skirt. It has a panel of white and a panel of red checked material with a red ruffle at the bottom. It has black ric rac detail and the ties were created from a reclaimed cotton sheet. This apron will easily fit petite sizes on through plus sizes. Just wrap around the petite waist and tie in the front, tie in the back for a fuller plus sized apron.

Machine wash and dry inside a garment bag. 

Price includes shipping!

Do ya want to see more aprons? Ready to ship.



“I am Christine of Gemini Vintage Store. I love vintage items and vintage inspired styles. I am a child of the 1970 (and a teen of the 80s) and consider myself somewhat a connoisseur of later mid-century styles and decor. 
My grandmother was born in 1909 and was quite good at cooking, sewing, crochet and knitting. She taught me three of those four skills and one I learned in school (you guess which, ha!). These useful and charming crafts seemed to have skipped a generation or two and many of our mothers and grandmothers no longer know how to do them. Because of this, I consider these to be vintage crafts, even when they are used to create modern items.
I am mom to two human children. My big boy is attending college and my little girl is a freshman in high school.. I am also mom to ~ ready for this? ~ three dogs, five cats, four turtles and a 29 year old parrot. I set up a studio in my 1978 Shasta RV where I love to work in…”





Like it? Want it ?



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